100 Baby Brand Bash

Laura Furiosi   >  7 March 2018

The 100 Brand Bash is here and you have a chance to win $500 CASH or one of many amazing gift packs
–100 prizes will be given away to 15 WINNERS!
The link to enter is below but first…
We love supporting mom inventors and small businesses so thank you in advance for reading this
So what’s the big occasion?

We are celebrating a new baby product invention that is on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW.
The mom who invented this needs your help to reach the funding goal on Kickstarter – even $5 will
make a difference and there is an option to donate to a family in need – plus, there’s a really great pre-
order DEAL if you or someone you know has a teething baby (or will have).
So what is this cool invention?

It’s called the Freezie Teethie, a trendy bandana bib with an organic, terry cloth attachment that parents
wet, freeze, and then snap onto the bottom of the bib. Then baby just flips up to safely chew on (either
hands-free or they hold the side where it’s not cold).
Best part is it INSTANTLY and naturally relieves teething pain and works wonders for calming fussy
babies too. (Wow, a tool to help babies stop crying!)

Enter the GIVEAWAY HERE and get the link to watch their
Kickstarter video.
Have an awesome day!