Finally an Ed Sheeran song that we can relate too!

lauraf   >  4 May 2017

Finally an Ed Sheeran song that relates to motherhood reality!!! We love the songs on the radio, and the top 10 are always great to bop along to. But.... do they relate to our lives as mothers?! Are we hanging out in the club on a friday night? Are we driving down a desert road into the sunset? No, we are changing baby nappies, making  toddler dinners and cleaning up all types of things that children create for us. So when this lovely lady decided to re write a great song, I was so happy she did. Thank you! We love this song. Keep them coming! If you know of a song that is a great parody please email us at so we can share it with all the mums out there who need a little bit of music to groove to!