6 Important reasons to continue swimming lessons during winter.

rsh_admin   >  28 June 2012

1. The risk of drowning doesn’t go away during winter, so they need to keep up their skills.

2. Without regular practice children’s swimming skills regress. As with any skill, it needs practice and time.

3. A break in lessons may cause their water confidence to drop. If you choose to take a break from swimming younger children tend to forget what they have learnt and therefore lose their confidence in the water. I found I was back to square one with my most nervous swimmer when we once skipped lessons during winter.

4. Most pools are heated. Yay! I find it’s actually easier to get into the water during winter, because it’s nice and warm.

5. Lessons will keep fun physical activity in your child’s routine.

6. Regular exercise strengthens the immune system, this can in turn help fight off colds and flu.

Tips to keep warm for winter swimming lessons

Tuck them into warm bath robe as soon as you’re out of the pool.

Bring them some slippers or ugg boots to keep their feet toastie warm.

30 % of body heat is lost through the head. Wear a Rashoodz Swimming cap to limit this.

If you are looking for a swim school to start your little one in check out the website SWIM AUSTRALIA www.swimaustralia.org.au they have a list of swim schools in each state.

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