A baby shower adventures: great ideas for a perfect day.

rsh_admin   >  4 November 2014

A baby shower adventures: great ideas for a perfect day.

Baby Shower Games

You may be thinking nobody wants to play baby shower games, but you’d be pleasantly surprised at how much fun everyone can have if you choose the right games to suit the people at the party. There are such a variety of games these days it was really quite hard to choose for the baby shower. We ended up settling on three basic games that were not too embarrassing for anyone but got everyone in the room talking to each other.

The first game was “Baby Price is Right”, where they had a list of items that babies all need and they had to guess how much they cost at the store. I had in advance bought each item from the grocery store and had kept the receipt so I was sure of the correct pricing. I showed them each item and everyone individually wrote down what price they thought it was. Once they had guessed on the prices we then went through and found out who was the closest. The winner won some chocolates! Everyone laughed at how far off they were or how close. It was a great icebreaker.

The second game was guess the Mothers wishes. Everyone had a sheet with personal attributes such as beauty, athleticism, intelligence, hair colour, eye colour, smile, humour etc. Next to it they have to write if the mother wishes the baby had the Dads or the Mothers smile, eye colour etc. At the end the mum to be got to read out her answers and people marked their sheet according to her wishes. It is a great way for everyone to talk about what the baby might be like and gets people talking and laughing.

The last one was an oldie but a goody. It was the handbag game. I had a list of items and people at the party got points if they had the items I read out. It was hilarious to see what some people carried in their handbag and it was also a light enough game to get people talking and laughing too. It was also great to see the difference between a Mum’s handbag and a young ladies handbag.

I found some great templates that you could buy on etsy for a few dollars, you then just print them and have them ready for the day. Make sure you have a bunch of pens or pencils so everyone can write their answers, also it is great to have some prizes as well for added incentive of participation. Most of all, have fun fun fun!

The Baby Shower Decorations

The mother to be, requested a yellow and grey chevron theme baby shower. It is a great colour theme and style for any baby shower boy or girl or unknown. We just used a simple plastic table cloth, some tissue balls, yellow straws, jam jars for drinking and a baby shower sign. This was used around the food table. The food table then became the great backdrop for any baby shower photos.

Baby Shower Food

If I have learnt anything from supplying food at parties for predominately women, is that they don’t tend to eat much. So I reigned in my usual baking and just had the cake, cupcakes and there were also some lovely mini quiches and mini veggie pastry triangles with sauce. All the food needed to be finger food. I also learnt people are too polite to get up during games or present openings to get food. You need to take the food around so it gets eaten. Depending on what time of day it is, you need to make sure you offer enough to keep everyone satisfied and definitely the mother to be well fed and happy.

The Baby Shower Cake

Every baby shower needs a cake, so there is something yummy to eat at the end and to signify to guests that once the cake is cut it is okay to leave. I chose a matching cake to the decorations or chevrons yellow and grey. A simple little flag of BABY was made to hang on some string between two matching straw “poles”. It was simple but effective, and it tasted great.

The Thank You Gift

We decided to use some little baby bottles filled with jelly beans with a “thank you” label on the bottle in the baby shower colours grey and yellow. I found these at a confectionary warehouse. It was a nice way to say thanks.

The Invitation

We used the invitation as a way to give a hint at the theme of the party and make it feel really special for the mum to be. I cheated and bought a template off etsy that they personalise for me to include the mother to be name and the date etc. It was easy peasy but it looked amazing for not much money. I then emailed the invitation to all the guests, I didn’t even print them out. Cheapest but prettiest baby shower invites ever!