A Child's Dotty Adventure: GOMA Brisbane

rsh_admin   >  6 March 2015

A Dotty Adventure: GOMA Brisbane

How many times have you told your kids not to put stickers on the walls? Have you been to the free art exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art? If not you are missing out! Not only is it free but it is so so much fun for adults and kids and even babies and toddlers and for once they can stick stickers anywhere!

An artist called Yayoi Kusama created the idea of “The obliteration room” where by everything gets consumed by dots. The room at GOMA started out as a white room with white furniture and white household appliances and decorations. Each visitor is given a sheet of colourful dots and are asked to place them ANYWHERE.

It took my daughter a few seconds to process the idea of sticking stickers ANYWHERE in the room and then she was off. She got such a buzz out of sticking a big blue dot on the white television. We put dots on everything from a computer to a sink to the cups and plates on the spotty table.

Once the experience was over (and all the stickers were gone) we went to the next room. It had computer screens with a touch screen game that replicated the obliteration room idea.

Reflecting on our experience I realised that not only was it fun to put stickers all through the room, it was also an amazing sight. The room or “artwork” was something to behold. The colours and spots even made my head spin a little bit.

For a child I think the colour, spots and spontaneity of the room was just such an exciting colourful explosion experience that definitely got her thinking creatively and definitely made her happy. To me, an outing with my children’s main objective is to make them happy. Mummy mission complete.

On a side note:

Just remind your little darlings as you leave the room that they must not do this at home. I didn’t do this until my daughter mentioned she had saved a pink dot to stick on our television at home. I then told her that the dots are only for the wonderful obliteration room. Thank you Yayoi Kusama and GOMA for creating such a wonderful experience for us all. Race to see this wonderful free exhibit and experience it before it closes.

Yayoi Kusama The obliteration room

06 December 2014 – 19 April 2015

Children’s Art Centre | Park Level | GOMA Free

Perfect for children from baby age, through to toddler, primary school age and up to 100+ years!

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