An anti breastfeeding show, is not what we need.

lauraf   >  24 June 2017

I usually try to focus on positive parenting ideas, but I just couldn't keep quiet about this. There is a new TV show coming to channel 7 and i cannot be more angry.

First time pressures

Just for a minute try and think back to your first time as being a Mum. There was so much pressure. Too much pressure, and we can never underestimate where this pressure comes from. Your parents, your partners parents, your sisters, brothers, friends, playgroup and tv ,radio and social medial. This new channel 7 tv show might just be a fun reality show that people want to watch and enjoy for a few mindless minutes, however it is sending messages that may also be taken seriously. During the show one women clearly states that breastfeeding in public is illegal! Let me reassure you, that it is not the case. How will a new mum feel if she is watching this? How will that new mum feel who is slightly nervous about breastfeeding already. This type of show just isn't good enough.

How can they fix it?

What is wrong with a reality show about real women coping with real life challenges of being a mum. I despair at the thought of what my daughters will be faced with in their future parenting if tv show like this are show. At best Channel 7 should not air this show at all, or, they should not show the episode. Or at least put a message on the screen at the same time saying that the statement on breastfeeding is wrong. The Australian Breastfeeding Project have in fact just launched a petition on that demands the program be banned. The Australian Breastfeeding Project say that the statement that breastfeeding in public is illegal contravenes Australian Federal Law and that the program is in breach of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice 2015 (the Code). Their petition calls for the show’s banning on these grounds. If you want to sign the petition click here [caption id="attachment_4896" align="aligncenter" width="300"]breastfeeding breastfeeding is not illegal[/caption]