Any Excuse For A Pool Party!

rsh_admin   >  30 September 2011

Here at Rashoodz Swimwear we love a party and of course we LOVE swimming. Nothing sounds better to us then our combined loves...... A pool party!

If you have ever thought of giving a Pool Party a go but put it in the too hard basket, never fear! We've collated some great ideas, tips and pretty pictures just for you!


Invitations set the mood of any party! Any invitation with a little swimmer on it gets everyone in the mood for swimming and a party. We had to include this invitation because it's so cute. We love the vintage image! If you would like to create your own, you can check out JWIllustrations a seller on Etsy that gives you cute digital images for around $5!

How great is this idea! Blow up the beach ball and write "Come have a ball at ..... Pool Party" and then fill the other stripes with the date, place and time! Then deflate the ball and pop in the post! A clever lady from came up with this idea! We LOVE IT!

Last but not least is this totally fun invitation. (Obviously not for posting!) "Use your noodle and come over to swim". Pretty easy to make, and pool noodles are about 2 dollars each! Check out for a better look at these! also has free printable invitations, all the hard work is done for you just print and fill!


Without a doubt the best game to play at a pool party is "Water ballons!" There are no rules, but watch the kids play it for hours! You could also have a contest for the best dive, biggest splash, and ping pong ball toss, where you throw 150 balls in the pool and have a few with the birthday number on them. The kids who find the birthday ping pongs win a prize! This idea and others are on The

You could also try some olympic type games, with races and challenges. Look at Doheny's blog for some more ideas.


Woman's Weekly Birthday Book - Swimming Pool

Its up to you wether you make the food yourself or get someone else to do it for you. We couldn't go past the vintage pool cake from the woman's weekly book (which they have re released!) Kids love to help making cakes and these are easy and fun. The Teddy swimming cupcakes are simple and easy for the little fingers that are helping.Click here to see the how to!

Decoration and Favours

The options are endless on how to decorate your pool party. It is best to stick to just a few colours. Below there are some example pool party images to get your creative juices flowing. Just click on the image to go the page with more details. We cant neglect to mention, everyone should wear our beautiful Rashoodz Swimwear!!!!!

We have listed some of our favourite pool parties that are on the net.

If you have a party of your own, please send us some pics on our facebook page. We love sharing!

Oh and don't forget to be sun safe! Have sunscreen available for everyone! We love the way Martha Stewart has displayed it!