rsh_admin   >  20 August 2015

We are all pretty excited here at Rashoodz Swimwear. As you can see above there are a few awards at the moment that Rashoodz and one of it's founders are finalists and in the running to win. Firstly Rashoodz Swimwear Designer Laura Furiosi is in the running for AusMumpreneur of the Year Award. She has been working tirelessly for more than 7 years to get Rashoodz where it is today, on thousands of babies all over the world. All the while she has been raising her own children. Showing that you can have kids and run a business. She finds out in September if she is a winner.

The other awards are from Mother and Baby Magazine. Rashoodz Swimwear is currently finalist for the best reusable nappy and most popular kids fashion brand. Winners are announced in September also. Our swim nappies are the best for babies for so many reason but the best reason is that parents can take their babies swimming with peace of mind. We know our swimwear is one of the most popular kids fashion brands because its loved by parents and kids all over Australia. We are so excited about these awards. Thanks Mother and Baby Magazine for the chance to enter.

If you want a chance to see how amazing our swim nappies or swimsuits are. Check out our stockist page to see them in stores or go online to for the best baby and toddler swimwear around!