Baby Announcements: what information should you include?

lauraf   >  2 May 2017

What information to include on your baby announcements Rashoodz1 A new baby changes your life forever, so it makes sense that you would want to make sure all your friends and family can share in your joy! Baby announcements are still incredibly popular, even though most people now share their news first with an update on social media or a group text message. There’s something about the actual paper announcements that match the gravity of the occasion and makes everything feel official. So what information should you include on your baby announcements?

The bare minimum


The name is the most important information of all: everyone has waited months to know what the baby would be called. Names are always important, and a baby announcement is pretty much you introducing the world to the new member of your family: You wouldn’t introduce someone without giving their name, so don’t do it with your baby.


Your baby’s name might be enough to indicate gender, so you probably don’t need to worry about this too much. If your baby’s name is completely gender neutral, though, it’s a good idea to add an extra element to indicate the sex of your child. You might say ‘it’s a girl!’, include a photo of the baby with a bow on or wearing a dress, or use some pink or blue to make things clear. People like to know whether you have a son or daughter, and making it clear on the announcement saves awkward questions and wondering.

Birth Date

People are going to wonder when you had the baby, and what the child’s birthday is. This is a matter of interest, of course, but it also helps them know when to send birthday cards in the future! Rashoodz2

You should also include

Weight and Length

This information isn’t crucial, but it’s usually something people are curious about. Weight is the more important of the two, but if you’re going to include one you might as well include the other.  

A Photo

This is entirely up to your sense of privacy and what you think appropriate, but a photo is usually included with a baby announcement to let everyone ‘meet’ the baby. It can be just the baby’s face, their whole body, or a picture of the whole family together with the new arrival. This could be part of your baby announcement card, or it could be a separate inclusion in the envelope. Of course, some people choose to just put a photo online and keep their physical card to the details. Rashoodz3

You might also choose to include

Time of birth

Some people like to include the time of birth along with the date of birth, just because it’s interesting. It’s not something people need to know, but if you want to include it or it balances the design, go for it!

Names of the whole family

This is especially useful for people who don’t see your family a whole lot. Save your guests from thinking ‘Wait, is this their second or third?’ by including something like ‘brother to Lucy and Alex’, or ‘love from James, Anna, Mila and Thomas’.

Other descriptive details

Some people choose to include details like ‘full head of brown hair’ and ‘blue eyes’. This is totally appropriate, and can be especially appreciated if there isn’t a photo included or if the photo is in black and white (or the baby’s eyes are closed and he is wearing a hat!) Rashoodz4 These are just the most commonly included elements of a baby announcement, but feel free to do your own thing! Just keep in mind that this is your opportunity to introduce your new addition to all your friends and family, and you won’t go wrong. This was a guest post by Maddison Wallace from Paperlust. Maddison is head of content at Paperlust. She is a communications professional, postgrad student, part-time librarian, and occasional wedding photographer. She loves words and drinking cups of tea.