Baby brain is a scientifically proven thing!

lauraf   >  15 January 2018

Scientific research proves what we already know about baby brain

Deakin University undertook an analysis of 20 studies involving more than 1,200 women. To see if baby brain was real or an old wives tale. It turns out that
  1. Baby brain is real, but they don't know why it happens.
  2. You are mostly affected in your 3rd trimester
  3. Memory, problem solving and planning are not extreme and only your close family will notice.
  4.  It doesn't impede you ability to work.
The thing is, we already knew this. Any women who has been pregnant or been around a friend who is, has seen it happen countless times.

How to counteract baby brain

Through my own pregnancy I have found some little things helpful to get over the baby brain hurdle such as
  1. Putting reminders in your phone in the notes section
  2. Setting an alarm to remind you to leave
  3. Post it notes to yourself
  4. Giving your keys to your partner to carry (so they don't get lost)
Of course these are just basic easy things but they can help.

Baby brain stories

A friend of mine is currently in her third trimester and she called me to tell me a hilarious story. She was standing in the shopping centre when she looked down to see she was wearing no shoes. She asked her friend if she saw her with shoes and she said she had. My friend has somehow lost her shoes between the playground, cafe and grocery shop. In the end, it had turned out her daughter had taken them in the playground and hidden them behind some play equipment. Thanks to baby brain, my friend didn't notice the lack of shoes til she was halfway through her shopping.

Do you have a baby brain story? We would love to hear it. Please share in the comments below.

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