Baby Milestone Cards for Swimming

lauraf   >  4 March 2017

We know how special baby's first time at the beach is. We all remember our babies first swimming lesson. Let us help you create your next lot of memories with our super cute swim milestone printable. If you are having a milestone moment in swimming we would love you to share your photos of you using these cards too! We will make your baby a feature on our instagram and Facebook page. We have created 5 super cute baby milestone cards for our wonderful newsletter subscribers and customers. We will email you these cards in a printable form, so when you take baby swimming you can use these cards to mark the milestones of swimming.

We have cards for

  • baby's first beach trip
  • baby's first dip in the ocean
  • baby's first pool swim
  • first swimming lesson
  • first swim

To get the printable

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