Baby Muslin swaddles: what is the one thing they are not good for?

Natasha Jacquot   >  19 March 2018

Find out what the one big problem with muslin wraps for your baby.


When you’re out and about with your baby, it’s really easy just to grab one of your muslin wraps and clip it onto the pram to help your little one get to sleep, or to try and stop well-meaning strangers from peering in and spreading their yucky germs. But did you know that there is one really BIG problem with this common practice?

Muslin swaddles are a staple baby item, and for good reason. Sure, you can use them to swaddle your baby. But more than that, they are always on hand to wipe up any milky spit-ups, use as a changing mat or picnic rug, or even use as an emergency nappy.  They’re easy to stash in a baby bag and they’re natural, soft and breathable, so it’s easy to see why they are seen as a must-have for any new parent.  But have you ever noticed that when the sun shines through muslin, you can still see tiny patches of dappled light on the other side?

The reason is that there is one major drawback to this wonder fabric. Ordinarily it cannot protect your baby’s skin against the sun. Standard muslin fabric is too porous and it lets the majority of UV rays through to your baby. In fact, normal muslin is so ineffective at blocking UV rays from getting through and damaging your baby’s delicate skin, that they are officially rated as providing no protection at all against the sun!

Worryingly, using these basic types of muslin swaddle to shade your pram or ergo-style carrier can give you a false sense of security and expose your baby to harmful UV rays.  But as a caring parent who wants to do the best for their baby, do you know how to safely shield their skin from the sun’s rays? 

Musluv sun protection baby covers are made of natural cotton muslin with one major difference from ordinary wraps; they use patented technology and design to a provide proper, effective shield against the sun. In fact, they are the only muslin wraps which are rated UPF 50+ (the highest sun rating possible) and give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect your baby’s delicate skin.

What’s different about musluv sun protection baby covers?

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  • UPF 50+ rating.

  • Invisible safe protective barrier (following the Oeko-Tex standard) within the cotton to absorb UV rays.

  • Patented technology – the only muslin wrap to provide excellent sun protection for babies.

  • Non-toxic: no azo dyes, formaldehyde, heavy metals. 

  • Tested air permeability to ensure air flows easily through the fabric

  • Easily secured: corner ties for securing the cover on prams, bra straps, car grab handles etc.

  • Multipurpose: can be used for breastfeeding drape, light blanket, car window shade, pram cover, baby carrier canopy and many other things.

  • Easily portable