Baby Sleep Whisperer Guide

lauraf   >  20 June 2017

Sleep can seem elusive when you are a parent of a new baby. However, never fear because help is at hand.  There are a lot of baby sleep guide books that are out at the moment offering sleep training programs. It is best to read the differing approaches and choose which one you prefer and are most comfortable with. There are a few listed at the end of this post for you to look at. We have created a few summary points have been made to give you a helping hand.

Baby Sleeping Guide Summary

Most experts seem to agree the best time to start sleep training is from about about 6 months. This is when most babies have finished vaccinations, started solids and no longer require feeding in the night. This means that they are mostly likely only unsettled at night because they have not yet learnt the gift of self settling. If it is right for your family, if it is affecting their appetite in the morning and day sleeps, it really is time to start. Even if your baby is 10 or 12 months do not move into sleep training unless your family and you and baby are ready. Once you have made the decision to start the sleep training make sure you allocate a few nights dedicated to this process. You might have to send your older kids to sleep at their grandparents house so you do not disturb their sleep. You need to let your friends and family know that you are going to be focusing on you and the baby for a few nights.

Pay attention to some of the sleep problem causes

  • dummy
  • patting
  • feeding to sleep
  • rocking

Organised baby's cot and room in advance

  • Darken the room so there is less light
  • Feed together quietly in their room.
  • Read a story together
  • Put into sleeping bag
  • Have a consistent night time routine so baby gets familiar.
  • Always check they have a clean nappy and are not ill before starting the training

Positive Reinforcement

  • Shhhhhhhhushing
  • Intervals of shusshing to distract from crying
  • Keep your approach consistent
  • Do not give up
Ignore other people (other than doctors advice) and go with your instinct.

Baby Sleep Guides

There are many differing ways to help a baby learn how to sleep. Have a look at these differing types and decide on your own approach. For more tips and tricks have a look at Elizabeth Sloane this amazing baby whisperer helped Mia Freedman and her children. A very recent book by a pediatrician This is Gina Ford's website to her guide for sleep help for babies Of course this is only written by a mother of three of her own children. This is not a doctor guide or midwife guide. Please consult your doctor before starting anything you might be unsure of. [caption id="attachment_4875" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Baby sleeping[/caption]