Baby Swimwear Review By Mumma Morrison

lauraf   >  6 December 2017


  • We were lucky enough to be reviewed Mumma Morrison. It was great to hear how much she loved the high quality of Rashoodz Swimwear. The Baby swimsuit also offers some great features, She loved the UPF50+ rating and chlorine resistant! See what else she loved about our baby swimwear. See the stand out features and her other thoughts below.
[caption id="attachment_6541" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo by Mumma Morrison[/caption]


  • UPF50+ rating and chlorine resistant
  • Clips for easy nappy changes and for the attachable
  • Long sleeves for extra sun protection
  • Cute and trendy design


We found the Rashoodz Full Length Baby Swimsuit extremely easy to put on and take off, as the buttons on the legs could be undone to create a bigger space for Starfish’s (big!) head to fit through. This was great as he’s in the middle of a wiggly stage, and his increased movement has made dressing difficult. The spandex component of the swimsuit was amazing as it allowed for the material to easily move and stretch around Starfish, not only while we dressed him, but as he moved around and played as well. Thanks Mumma Morrison for reviewing our brand. We hope you enjoy the rest of summer! To read her full review click here To buy one of these amazing swimsuits you can shop online here ---> /assets/imported/product/widdle-waves-full-length-rashie-hat/