Five ways to encourage sun safety in your children

lauraf   >  25 June 2017

You help your children learn to be hygienic, through teaching them to wash their hands before a meal, brush their teeth morning and night, and bath and shower everyday. However sometimes sun safety gets forgotten about, and in Australia, sun safety is just important to your health as being clean and hygienic. So how do you teach your children to be sun safe?

Be a role model

First and foremost your children want to copy you. So you need to show them how to be sun safe. You need to make sure if you are insisting they wear their hat, that you too wear your hat. If you are putting sunscreen on your child at the beach, make sure they see you putting sunscreen on to. When you go outside and put your sunnies on, make sure they see you. We cannot expect them to do things that we ourselves don't do.

Start early

The sooner you start getting your child into a sun safe way of life the better. So try and start from day one, to put a hat on your baby, keeping them in the shade. These little acts from an early age will get your baby used to being sun safe before they can even talk about it.

Keep a routine

The best way to get your children sun safe is to keep it part of your daily routine. In the morning before you leave the house, you brush their teeth and brush their hair. This is also the time before setting outside, you put their hat on and put on their sunscreen. If you do this every day of their young lives, they will most likely continue these good habits themselves once they are capable.

Make it fun

Don't make sun safety boring, or tedious for your child. Make it fun. You can do this by letting them choose fun, colourful or cute hats to wear. You can make it fun by making up a cute little song that you sing together while you put your sunscreen on.

Have the right equipment

Most importantly if you have the right equipment you will have a much easier job of teaching sun safety. Start by having hats and sunglasses that are comfortable and fits well. Choose sunscreen that is the right fit for your child's skin type. If they come out in a rash every time you put sunscreen on, they most likely will resist next time. Our swimwear also has a swimsuit with an attachable hat. It keeps the babies and children from losing their hats as well as encourages the younger ones to keep them on. We have had many parents tell us that Rashoodz has made their children big fans of hats. So make sure you check our's out. [caption id="attachment_4901" align="aligncenter" width="300"]sun safe, sunscreen how to encourage sun safe kids[/caption]