Baby's First Swim Lesson: What to expect and what to wear.

lauraf   >  8 August 2017

Baby's first swimming lesson

You have a beautiful new baby and it is getting close to that time, time to start swimming lessons! What are you supposed to do? What can a baby, who cannot yet crawl or walk actually do in a pool anyway? Watch these short baby swimming lesson videos to see what you might be doing at your swim school with your baby when you go.

Introducing Baby Niyah

This is baby Niyah's first lesson. You may be familiar with Mum cause she is our other swimming lessons ambassador Hendrix. You can watch his swimming lessons here. We are so excited to show you the progression of her swimming lessons and swimming skills.

Today's lesson

Today's lesson is all about floating and kicking. Getting a baby comfortable with the water. Slowly overtime other skills will be introduced but to start it is just about helping babies learn to float on their backs and kick.

What should your child wear to a swim lesson?

A swimsuit! Your child, baby or toddler should wear a all in one swimsuit, that is easy to get on and off. Our Rashoodz Swimwear swimsuit has clips in the crotch for easy nappy changes and an easy way to get the wet swimsuit off your baby once you get out of the pool. Our Swim Nappies are also great as they hold in everything! That means no embarrassing moments. Also you will need to wear a swimsuit too, your baby will need you in the water for swimming lessons up to about the age of 2-3 years old.  You can look at our swimwear for children and babies here at