Beach Activities - Shell Craft

rsh_admin   >  6 August 2015

How to make a sea shell photo frame.

So you are going to the beach, maybe to camp or maybe for a picnic or a fantastic swim. When the kids can no longer swim and have to just hang out at the camp on at the beach you can entertain them with some shell beach craft. First you need to find as many nice small seashells as you can. Make sure you check that you are allowed to collect and use sea shells, so beaches will not allow it. Then give them a nice wash off so there isnt any sand left on them. Have each child sit at a table with a shadow box frame and glue, sponge and shells in front of them. Then get them to place a pattern of shells around the edge of the frame. Once they are happy with the pattern get them to glue each shell on. This can be done one at a time or row by row. Use the sponge to clean up any messy drips. Leave the shells and glue to dry. Once dry the children can then fill the shadow box with sand, cuttlefish, feathers and even more shells. Or the frame can be use for a favourite photo of themselves swimming in their Rashoodz Swimwear at the beach. We bought the shadow boxes and glue from spotlight, for only a few dollars each.
HOT TIP: Make sure you watch the kids with the glue as sometimes toddlers like to try and eat it. Also try and choose smallish shells for a more detailed pattern on the frame.