Beat the heat this summer with Rashoodz

rsh_admin   >  10 January 2014

Being an Australian label, we are currently “enjoying” some of the warmest temperatures in the world (and humidity to boot!). So for those with little ones, who don’t have easy access to a pool or beach, we present to you, 5 simple yet effective backyard activities to keep your kids entertained and cool this Summer.

1. Slip n Slide

A backyard summer classic, the Slip n Slide is a cost-effective and enjoyable way of keeping for kids and adults alike ;-) has a great step-by-step method of creating an awesome Slip n Slide using some plastic, pool noodles and Velcro, and can be found here. There are also some tips for those with flat lawns.

Start off small, and then maybe work up to something like this!!

2. Splash & Score

This game is for slightly older kids as it requires a degree of hand-eye coordination. You need one plastic bat and one bucket per pair of players. One player will be the thrower, while the other will be the receiver. The receiver sits (or kneels) behind the bucket full of water, using the bat to try and block the water balloons from going in. A full step-by-step is provided here

3. Water Pistols

The good old water pistols take me back to my childhood – chasing (and being chased by) my brothers and sisters around the yard. However, a number of decades later, aquatic armoury has undergone an electrifying transformation! Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. Remember the terrifying, forearm-burning moments as your sibling or friend is taking aim just as your gun runs out of pressure and needs pumping up? Well now, Super Soaker makers and toy gun specialists, Nerf, have put out a range of fully-automatic water pistols which use batteries and a motor to ensure the gun is always at its maximum firing pressure. A full range of these can be found here.

And, as a parent, it wouldn’t be right to have a gun the same size as the ones your kids have, it needs to be much, MUCH bigger. I have fond memories of my Father emerging from the side of the house with something resembling the Ghost Busters gun (with backpack reservoir and everything). The battle between siblings was put on hold while the war against the parents commenced! We recommend something at LEAST this size to show them who's boss.

Recommended Aquatic Arms

4. Crazy Sprinkler

Last on the list, the Crazy Sprinkler. It can take all different shapes and sizes – depending on the age of your kids, the size of your backyard or the amount of effort you want to put in it. The Crazy Sprinkler is essentially some joined PVC piping with small holes drilled into it and a hose attachment. There is a great step-by-step guide here. A few great ideas I’ve seen are: making an archway, a flat-laying sprinkler for kids to run over and, for the advanced parents, obstacle courses!

A beginner's "Crazy Sprinkler"

Basic PVC Sprinkler

An Advanced "Kids Wash"

Advanced PVC Sprinkler

Finally, a few cautions.

  1. Check for any water restrictions in your local area prior to partaking in any form of recreational activity requiring vast quantities of water;
  2. Supervise younger children at all times, there are still drowning hazards associated with some of these activities; and, finally
  3. Practice good sun safety! Rashoodz Swimwear is not just for the beach or pool; it’s great for back yards and any outdoor situations. We make it easier to keep hats on heads with our smart yet adorable range. All of which, can be found here: