How can colour enrich your child’s everyday experiences?

lauraf   >  4 April 2017

d y How can colour enrich your child’s everyday experiences? Let me start by saying that the Easter pace is really catching up on me (AHHH).  My little Miss Foxy cub is an eager school prep who was so happy as she had managed to construct her Easter bonnet on her own.  She stood so proud and so I was of her (Thankyou Woolies for the easy option) I mean you understand what its like and how busy mamma’s can get?.  Struggling into school this morning I could not believe the scale and magnificent of some of these insane Dr Seuss style hat creations…it was obvious when the kids had played a part and when the parents had used this as a chance to showcase their inner creativity. TBH I felt intimidated…but really at the end of the day the kids weren’t worried who had what hat? (Even though some of the Mamas were)…what they loved was being surrounded by bright and varied colour’s.   Have you had a go at the Easter Hat Parade yet????? Have you let your inner creative out??? Or just let your angels do the work? h Let’s take this further.. So continuing the EASTER colour theme the Foxy family (us) are off camping and I would say that this is the one thing that my kids adore!  Picture this as soon as we have spent time (100 F-ing hrs.) constructing our tech savvy Kampa trailer the kids all pile in and begin to create their own little snugs or cubbies adding torches, teddies and all…What so great is that NOW I have my Kat & Fox products to gift them (easy and most preferable option) of a pillowcase and cushion from the new range to colourise their camping experience… I honestly feel comfort in the idea that I am adding these bright happy colour’s to enrich those special camping experiences adding to their lasting childhood memories… s v Can I ask you? Who remembers the gift ‘s they received for their 5th Birthday???? Not many I’m sure.  NOW can you tell me about the holidays you went on and the birthday parties you had as a child? Yes most probably.  WHY …the colours that would surround you in the environments you inhabited inside or out! I will finish on thisIf you want to gift your little angles the ability to capture and hold onto those special childhood memories…add bright colours through toys, books, craft activities, décor items, bed linen, artwork and beautiful outdoor experiences…. About the Author: Kat runs Kat & Fox and is an Illustrator, entrepreneur, blogger, interior/textile designer, visual arts teacher and above all mother to three crazies. u Website: Facebook: Instagram: