When your child falls into water!

lauraf   >  19 October 2017


When your child falls into the water what would happen?

We have been following the progress of Hendrix these last few months with astonishment. He has gone from kicking and blowing bubbles and monkey gripping along the pool to this! Hendrix has demonstrated to the rest of the class what skills are needed for a child to survive falling in the water.

Water Safety Skills

When Hendrix finds himself in the water, he doesn't panic. Thanks to constant practice he knows what is needed to be done. He spins around and propels himself towards the wall.  From an early age this reaction has been taught to the point where he now automatically spins around to face the wall. Then elbow elbow knee knee to get himself back out.  Pulling himself out of the pool is a skill in itself. Constant practice at every water safe lesson has given him this skill.

Swimming Lesson Ambassador

We are so super proud of Hendrix and his skills. Well done to his wonderful Mums for the dedication in taking him to swimming lessons each week. If you are interested in looking at water safety check out the website STAY ALIVE DO THE FIVE You can check out more of Hendrix's swim lessons on our blog at www.rashoodz.com.au/blog