Children's Swimwear and Lessons Ambassador Hendrix Lesson 9

lauraf   >  6 August 2017

Swimming Lesson 9 – Toddler Swimwear Ambassador Hendrix

 Learning to float to save precious minutes

In this swimming lesson, Hendrix is practising a skill he has learnt called "floating". Children who can manage to float can sometimes save precious minutes of time if they accidentally fall into a body of water and cannot yet swim. This floating technique allows children to keep their heads above water, as Hendrix is doing here. Thus being able to breathe. By the time you notice a child is missing it might have already been two minutes, but if your child can float they can wait while floating to be rescued. This is a life saving skill that is important for every child to learn. Make sure you find a swim school near you and get started.

Rashoodz Swim Lesson Ambassador: Hendrix

Lesson this week: Learning to float Months swimming: 17 months Swim School: Super fish Swim School at Pacific Pines.

Children's Swimwear

Hendrix is wearing Rashoodz Baby and Children’s Swimwear Sea Elements Liberty Print – shop online now at Click here to watch a previous lesson [caption id="attachment_5148" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Swimming lesson ambassador Hendrix[/caption]