How to choose the right size Rashsuit

lauraf   >  7 March 2017

size-chart-logo stock-detail-tape-measure-streetcodegpx-official-psds-Qw53e4-clipart Hey Rasheadz, Today we are going to take you through how to choose the correct Rashoodz Product for your baby or toddler. Top tips:
  • We always suggest go bigger. Babies grow quickly so you want it to fit for a long period of time. Our material is specially treated with chlorine resistance to ensure they last.
  • Our products are not designed to be skin tight and in the beginning it may appear "baggy". As your baby grows it may end in the swimsuit being a snug fit before moving onto the next size. This is perfectly fine, as our material is made with elasticity.
  • Because every baby is different it is good to know the weight and height of your child when selecting a size.
  • The age of your child will usually correlate to the size you need.
  • Consider if you need the swimsuit straight away OR is it for summer time, six months from now? Take this into considering when choosing a size.
  • Check out our size chart before purchasing. Link below and on our website.
  • If you are unsure contact
Size Chart Happy shopping! Love Rashoodz