Christmas Swimwear Sale!

lauraf   >  27 November 2017


Christmas is on it's way and we want to help! We are offering as an incentive to get your ready early a 20% off swimsuit orders!

Why is our swimwear a great gift for Christmas?

The great thing about our children's swimwear is that
  • it is something they will use every day this summer.
  • it is something they actually need.
  • you will be encouraging outdoor activity
  • they wont just play with it for five minutes and walk off
  • you are protecting them from the sun
  • you are giving them something that they will love
  • this gift will give you many hours of fun in the sun
  • it makes life easier for you with all our nifty clips and zips
  • we can even gift wrap it for you. You wont need to worry about wrapping!

Why our swimwear instead of some other brand?

Rashoodz swimwear was designed for babies and toddlers. Those babies and toddlers have now grown up and customers wanted children's swimwear too. So we offer babies, toddlers and kids swimwear and they love it. Parents love it and we love making it for them. Our swimwear is purposely designed for kids. Rashoodz swimwear isn't just adult swimwear shrunk down to their size. It is carefully crafted to fit well and to work well. Our zips are fantastic for wiggly babies and big heads. Our clips in the nappy area are perfect for nappy changes. The UPF on the swimwear is all 50+! The material is chlorine resistant so it lasts a lot longer than the cheap brands that only last a month in the water.

What are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and grab a Christmas present that will be a gift that keeps giving. Shop online now for our amazing range of swimwear, swimsuits, swim hats, rashie tops, rashvests and bathers. Go to or check stockists for a store near you. Use the discount code "swim20"