Eating Sand

rsh_admin   >  10 March 2012

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Have you got a baby that eats sand? We do. On the first trip to the beach with her, I thought, she will figure it out, sand doesn't taste great. But she didn't. On our second trip to the beach she ate yet even more sand. She ate so much sand that we found it in her pants the next day.... if you know what I mean. So as a responsible parent what are we supposed to do? You can't avoid sand at the beach, its everywhere. Our other children were unimpressed by the culinary potential of sand and it has never been an issue with them. Is there a trick to stopping sand eating? I am hoping she will grow out of it. We are testing this hope tomorrow on a trip to the beach. Wish us luck!!!!

On a side note, someone who obviously doesn't have this problem with her children has created a great Sand Cake recipe (an actual cake not made of sand), which we have linked here. It's a little bit different and looks like a whole love of fun. From I am Momma Here Me Blog.

Here's the basic recipe. There are three layers and you rotate them, layering the bucket until it's full.

Layer 1: 1 package of smashed cookies (of your choice)
Layer 2: 2 small packages of vanilla pudding, 3.5 cups of milk, 12 oz. of cool whip
Layer 3: an 8 oz. package of cream cheese, 1/4 cup butter (room temperature), 1 cup powdered sugar