Expert Tips for attending the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo

rsh_admin   >  18 August 2014

How to survive the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo – Insider Tips

Rashoodz Swimwear has been going to the PBC Expo’s for nearly 6 years. Before that time, one of the designers also went to the PBC expo for their own information and babies. With this much experience of the shows, we think we have some great tips for our readers on how to get the most out of the expo and how to survive it.

Tip 1: Check out the stands and brands at the expo online the night before and plan the stands you don’t want to miss. Mark a map with the places you want to go. You may also discover some great other products and services on the way to your “must see stands”.

Tip 2: Check out the coupons in the magazine to see if you can get more discounts on the day.

Tip 3: Get your online free ticket here, this means less waiting in line to get into the show and saves you money.

Tip 4: Come prepared for the whole day. The expos get bigger and better every year and in order not to miss anything you really need to spend the whole day. If you can’t make the whole day, the afternoons are definitely quieter with less people to contend with. The afternoons from about 2pm onwards are without a doubt the best time to miss the crowds.

Tip 5: Make sure you check on the map before you leave and know where the toilets and nappy change rooms are. This way if you have little ones in tow you will be able to get there effortlessly.

Tip 6: Use the new parcel minding service. You can choose to leave your bulking shopping purchases with the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s expo Parcel minding service. This frees you up for more shopping and also means you don’t have to lug car seats or new prams around the show.

Tip 7: Drink plenty of water, especially if you are pregnant. It might not seem like a lot of walking but once you walk up and down all the else of the show you have done a few km. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should make sure you keep your fluids up.

Tip 8: Mark all the free giveaway stands and get some value for money for visit the show. The Panadol stand, the Woolworths stand and snuggles stand are all good freebie stands to visit. See the coupons in the “create nurture love magazine.

Tip 9: Take cash. Even though Rashoodz Swimwear has EFTPOS facilities some other stands do not. You don’t want to spend half your day at the ATM machines. Make sure you have enough cash to get you by for the day.

Tip 10: Register for your pink bag and get a little scan code with your details. Then you can enter any competition simply by scanning your code at the stand.

Tip 11: Check out the night before all the competitions and raffles that are on offer at the show. Make a note of the prizes you want to win and the stand number and make sure you scan you ticket for a chance to win. You can do this by registering for their newsletters.

Tip 12: Take snacks for you and your kids.

Tip 13: Ask as many questions as you can about everything. All the exhibitors are there to help you and your baby.

Tip 14: Check exhibitor’s Facebooks pages in case they have a special expo deal for Facebook fans.

Tip 15: Become a fan of the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo Facebook page for latest updates of what’s happening on the day.

We hope these little tips can help you on the day. We hope you will mark us on your list of stands to visit. We look forward to meeting you all.