Famous Mummies love Rashoodz Baby and Children's Swimwear

lauraf   >  1 May 2017

What does The Real Mumma, The Single Mum Diaries, MadMaxMum, Piper Sienna's Mum and Melina Vidler from the hit TV show 800 words all have in common? They love Rashoodz Swimwear! These famous ladies choose our super sun safe, high quality and well designed swimwear to cover themselves or their babies and kids. Check out the cute photos below to see what they get up to in their Rashoodz. We love seeing all the wonderful adventures they go on. Some have gone on overseas trips with their Rashoodz, like Piper Sienna. Others got to go to wonderful resorts in Australia or their local beach. Wherever they went, they knew they could rest easy, covered by Rashoodz. Here at Rashoodz Swimwear we are happy to look after every baby and child famous or not! Check out their blogs below or go to our facebook page or instagram to follow these lovely ladies. We love them and I am pretty sure you will love them too! You can buy baby swimwear and kids swimwear at www.rashoodz.com.au Madmaxmum Melina from 800 words Pipersienna singlemumdiaries the real mumma https://www.therealmumma.com/about https://www.thesinglemumdiaries.com/ http://www.madmaxmum.com/ https://au.tv.yahoo.com/shows/800-words/a/29412744/melina-vidler/ https://pipersienna.com.au/