Five Cheap and Easy Toy Storage Ideas

rsh_admin   >  18 September 2013

Do you experience toy mayhem in your household? Are you constantly standing on toys, or digging to the bottom of a bucket to find their favourite doll?

Having three children means I have a lot of toys in my house. When you add to that Christmas presents and birthday gifts it means I have to stay organised so the toys don’t take over.

There are plenty of toy storage options out there. But to be honest a lot of them are expensive and not helpful. I have found some great toy storage ideas that are easy and cheap and might just keep the toy situation in your house and mine, organised.

1. Baby Wipe Containers

This is a great use of those baby wipes containers that take over your house. You can not only use them to store card games like this lady from Rugged Life has. But you could also use them to keep any small toy items such as Lego sets or Barbie outfits in. Label the container and stack them up. Saves you buy those expensive boxes etc.

2. Doll organizer

This next idea we already use in our house, as we have three girls and we have lots of Barbie dolls and Disney princesses. You can buy these shoe storage hangers from Kmart or 2 dollar shops for about 5 dollars. Then you just place their Barbies in it and hang it to the wall. This would also work for action heroes and monsters etc. It keeps them off the floor and they are easy to find. I cut mine shorter and hang it off the wall lower down so my toddler could access the toys as well. A girl with a glue gun has a how to make your own, on her website. Click here to check it out.

3. Car organizing

If you have a lot of match box cars or similar, this toy storage solution is the best. Just buy some magnetized metal strips from ikea (kitchen section, usually used for knives) or your hardware store and fix them securely to the wall. Then when they are done playing they just have to pop the car back on the wall. No more stepping on cars! Click here to see "Keeping up with the souths" blog for some other great ideas

4. Bath Toy Sorter

How many toys do your kids have in the bath? This is a great cheap and easy ways to drip dry their toys after a bath and to keep them out of the water so they don’t get moldy. Cheap two dollar shops sell these. Source:

5. Toy Drawers with a difference

I know this one isn’t cheap or easy, but how amazing is it! I would totally use this if I could organise my husband to build it. I just need to find a great husband organising idea, and I will get back to you ;)

I would love to see if you guys get inspired by these. Please share your toy organisation photos on our facebook page at