Five Fabulously Fun Packed Water Play Ideas for Toddlers

rsh_admin   >  6 February 2012

Stuck for things to do to keep your toddler and baby cool this summer. What about some great water play activities? Just fill a tray or the sink or a paddling pool with water and use some of these free and fun ideas below.

Find the Treasures!

Gold panning for toddlers. Create a few small bags of sand filled with a 4 or so little plastic toys, coloured rocks or plastic jewelery. Use a round dish with a little edge and fill it with one of the sand bags. Then help them dip it into the water and swirl it around until the sand and water is sloshed away to reveal their little treasures. Dressing up as a pirate to do this would make it even more fun! For younger children, use a pasta sieve instead of the dish, and the sand and water will just run out the bottom and the treasures can still be discovered!

Float or Sink?

A great science experiment you can do with kids is the sink or float experiment. Gather a few items from around the house, such as a coin, a plastic toy, a tin can, an apple, a key, a feather, rock and a leaf. Make a guess with each item wether it will sink or float in the water. Its lots of fun to see who is right. It also gets them thinking. Sesame Street has done a great You Tube Video with The Cookie Monster, on the sink or float experiment. Watch it with your child before you do the activity. It really is a great You Tube video! Click here to see it:

Containers Containers Containers.

Grab a few old containers or plastic cups, put about 15 small holes in the bottom of one so they can make "rain". Put a large hole in the centre of another container for funneling. Leave some containers intact so they can fill them up using the rain cup and funnel. Pouring jugs are also great. You could also mark some lines on the containers and challenge them to fill the water up to the line. It takes some concentration! The sky is the limit for this activity. I usually just raid the tupperware (but not for the "rain" one!)

Spray bottles

Spray bottles filled with water are so much fun for kids. They can spray themselves or other items in the tray. If your keen put some food colouring in the bottles and they can also spray some paper and make some great artworks.

Boat races.

You can't have water play without playing boats. If you don't have any plastic ones, you can make your own. There is a great website called Ziggity Zoom and it has a print out instructions on how to make Milk Carton Boats. Click on the image to go to their website to get the steps.

Don't forget to stay sunsafe if you are doing this outside. Dress them in their rashies and hats so you know they will be safe. Of course this goes without saying, make sure you supervise children at all times during water play. THANKS FOR READING. HAVE A SPLASHING GOOD TIME!