Five Fun Things to do with a Cardboard Box this school holidays.

rsh_admin   >  1 July 2012

Make a mailbox

A wonderful blog named ikatbag (link below) has designed

a cardboard box mail box. Once constructed following her tutorial

you can make letters to post

and little mailboxes to deliver them too.

Such a great idea, hours and hours of fun.

Make a Train Tunnel and Car Tracks

Just looking at this makes me want to get all the match box cars and trains out

and play all afternoon and I'm an adult. This is probably one of the easiest ones

to make and it would keep the kids entertained all day!

We got this from a wonderful blog called "celebrate every day with me"

Make Castles!

Make a Robot Friend

Domestic Charm Blogspot

Make a Car and have a Drive in Movie

These two cardboard box cars were made by my girls, a fairy car and a flower car!

With golden doilies for headlights! Once you have made your car, then have a drive in movie!

Not Just A Houswife Blog

If you have any other great ideas, we would love you to share them with us. Find us on facebook at and post up a photo. Enjoy the school holidays.

Love from the Rashoodz Swimwear Team.

Special mention to Brisbane Kids Facebook Page whose cardboard ideas gave us the idea for this post.