Five Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

rsh_admin   >  23 August 2012

Father's Day is coming soon. Here are some great ideas you can make with your kids that will outshine soap on a rope, socks and undies.

Daddy's Car Massage Shirt

This has got to be a win win Father's Day present for the kids and Dad. They get to play on his back with cars, while Dad gets a back massage! All you really need is a plain t-shirt and some nikko pens. Get creative and make sure you draw the roads where Dad needs a massage most! Click on the image or link to be taken to "The Blue Basket" website, that has a tutorial on how to create this! It also has a print out template you can use if you want to make an identical one to the photo.

Best Daddy Trophy

This Best Daddy Trophy is a great gift and lots of fun for the kids to make. All you have to do is cut some cardboard following the template. Then glue pasta shapes etc on and spray paint with gold. Photos and plastic gems also make a great addition to this gift. Click on the image or the link below to be taken to the tutorial by the elementary art fun blog.

Worlds Greatest Dad Food Labels

Click on the image below or the link to get some great free printable by Martha Stewart. All you have to do then is stick the labels on his favourite foods and drinks.

I love you this much card

Nothing is cuter than little hands. What a great way to say happy father's day with their little hands. Just trace their two hands and glue them together with a long piece of paper. To make it more personal get the kids to paint or draw on the hands as well. Click on the image or the link below to go to the tutorial for this card.

Daddy's Snack Bottles

Has he got a favourite snack that he loves? Why not make it look amazing by following these simple print and cut instructions and make your own amazing father's day snack gift.