Five top parent and toddler activities

lauraf   >  13 June 2017

[caption id="attachment_4813" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Fun activities to do with your toddler.[/caption]

Play together

Nothing beats that one on one time with a toddler and a parent. Toddler led play is easiest and the best way to play, but sometimes you need to help them by teaching them some well loved universally played games. Try teaching and playing
  • hide and seek,
  • tiggy
  • Peekaboo ( a perfect game to play with babies and toddlers.)
  • Use puppets and make up or act out funny stories with your toddler


Try and go on adventures into the backyard, or for a walk down the street. The everyday environment outside is a wonder to toddlers and babies. There is lots of new and exciting things to see and learn about. Don't have a destination in mind and don't walk too fast. Let your toddler stop and admire a snail on the path, or discuss the shapes of the clouds.
  • make a leaf collection (you could later use to craft with your toddler)
  • look for insects
  • collect rocks
  • bird watch


There are lots of great places for babies and toddlers to visit with their parents around Australia. Most places listed below have specific children related activities and rooms you can visit to make the experience more tailored to a toddlers age group.
  • Visit your local library - they usually have story time sessions
  • Visit the museum ┬ámost museums have activities for children.
  • Take a train ride into the city (the train ride will be the highlight)
  • Go to the local park, or try a new park for your toddler to explore.
  • Take a trip to the zoo and meet some exciting new animals
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Toddlers love getting messy. It is because like babies they are still exploring their world through touch. Sensory activities are perfect activities you can do together.
  • Try water play (also of course in their Rashoodz Swimwear so they are sun safe.)
  • Sand castle building in the sand pit or at the beach (of course in their Rashoodz Swimwear)
  • Get your toddler to play with play dough and create something together
  • Colour some rice with food colouring and get them to make pretty patterns in a container by swirling their hands in it.

Singing & Reading

After all those amazing activities your toddler will need some time to relax and zone out. What better way then singing and reading stories to them. Having a great supply of books available for story time is a perfect way to bond and spend time with your baby and toddler. Singing nursery rhymes and your favourite radio songs also helps toddlers to learn new words and form new sounds. It is also a great way to round out the very busy toddler day.