Free Home Development Program for Newborn Babies by Shapland Swim Schools

lauraf   >  5 May 2017

Shapland Swim Schools have created a free Home Development Program from preparing babies for swimming lessons. See the link below The swim school has summarised how you can work with your newborn baby to help them develop a taste of swimming.

Through simple techniques you can use at bath time you can help;

  1. develop your babies breath control
  2. develop their ability to float on top of the water
  3. To make bath time fun.
Make sure of course never force a baby to do something they are not enjoying or want to do. Don't forget to have fun!!!!

See the home program in the link below Also check out their website for more details on swimming lessons at When you are reading for swimming lessons check out our swimwear for the best swimming lessons swim pack you can get /assets/imported/product-category/baby-swimming-packs/ swimming lessons