This Friday the 26th of August is Daffodil Day

lauraf   >  25 August 2016

Daffodils Hey Rasheadz, Most of us know someone affected by cancer. Every day, around 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer. But every day there is more reason for hope than ever before. Cancer research is discovering new and better treatments, cancer prevention campaigns are working, and support for those affected by cancer is improving all the time. Every donation can help take them one step closer to beating cancer. Rashoodz is a huge supported of the Cancer Council and will be making a donation at our upcoming photo shoot on the 9th of Septmeber at South Bank Streets Beach. Your support will also help in making a difference for cancer patients and their families all over Australia. Visit this link to make a donation today: We hope you all stop and take the time to purchase a Daffodil flower and badge tomorrow. Love always, Rashoodz