Fun Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

rsh_admin   >  9 January 2012

We have some Prep School starters this year in the Rashoodz team families. We were starting to worry about what to pack in their little lunch boxes. Here are some really cute ideas, that we thought were so good that we just had to share.

1. Funky Lunch has some amazing ideas for jazzing up the plain old sandwich. They even have a book you can buy that gives you a hundred more ideas. Definitely a website to check out.

2. Butterfly Snacks idea from Pintrest. A simple peg painted with googly eyes and a pipe cleaner. Using a clip seal bag with two different types of snacks separated in the middle with a peg. Easy and reusable. Sometimes all it takes is a little prettying up to make picky kiddies eat.

3. Free printable jokes to pop in the lunch box. The Gunny Sack website has kindly shared this free printable. Just print, glue and cut! Pop in the lunch box to give them a little smile.

4. A simple idea from Scissors and Spatulas Blog. Just use chalkboard spray paint on the inside lid of the lunchbox and just like magic you have a message board to write little notes to your darlings! Too easy and super cute.

5. Want to jazz up a the humble banana? Why not write on it with a toothpick or draw their favourite cartoon characters. After a short while the inscription goes brown and stands out. Your own personalized banana! What a great idea shared by Come together kids blog.

6. Rainbow Lunch. How do you get all those essential nutrients and vitamins packed into a lunch and more importantly eaten? Make it look beautiful, make it a rainbow lunch. This idea from Healthy Lunch Ideas blog is inspiring. It lists some suggested foods, but its not hard to find all these colours at the local fruit and vegi market!

7. The Lunch Punch. This little sandwich cutter makes lunch box creations easy! Just make the sandwich and cut it out! They have many shapes to choose from. Planes, Cards, Puzzle pieces, fairies, crowns. So easy and why not also use them at your next party for fairy bread shapes.

If you have any other ideas you would like to share, or if you would like to show us how you went with these ideas please email, comment or post to our wall at

Good Luck to all our little Prep School Kiddies! We are so proud of you.