Funny Baby Crawling Methods

rsh_admin   >  3 November 2014

Does your baby have a unique way of crawling. Most babies to start with try a whole variety of ways to get from A to B before the attempt traditional crawling on their hands and knees.

There is the baby slide, where they drag themselves across the ground with their arms, there is the baby bottom shuffle, where while sitting upright shuffle there bottom along the ground to move. Another way babies try to move about is also the roll method, were they flip and roll over to their desired destination.

This little baby girl has found a new way that even surprised us. Check it out for yourself. We would love to see a video of your baby and their unique crawl! Please share your photos with us at , the best video we receive between now and February 1st, we will give a free swim nappy and toddler sunglasses!