Fuss free 1st Birthday party tips

lauraf   >  26 June 2017

After many sleepless nights, lots of learning and hard work, you've have nearly made it. You have managed to raise your happy healthy child. 1st birthdays are a monumental celebration that is never forgotten. But it doesn't mean that 1st birthdays have to be hard work for you as well. This birthday is just as much a celebration for you too as it is for your baby. I have summarized a few tips that might help you and your child when organizing their 1st birthday. I will help you avoid the pitfalls that many parents and myself have fallen into when planning a birthday party.

Tip 1: A play area

As your little one is still mostly likely not too mobile, you will want to have a clean, clutter free and safe area for them to play. It would be a great idea to create a giant play pen area with age appropriate toys for your baby and their little guests. Arrange the seating for adults around it so they can interact with the children too.

Tip 2: Getting help

On any child's birthday party day, you will find yourself doing a lot, opening the door to guests, filling up the food table, and basically being a good host. But, be careful because sometimes you can find you miss out on actually getting to spend time with your baby for their big day. Try and delegate some of the party duties to your parents or siblings. Something as simple as asking grandma to make sure the water jug stays topped up and your sister to answer the door when a guest arrives, will allow you a few more special moments to spend with your birthday baby.

Tip 3: Timing

Babies mostly live in a routine, so try and arrange the birthday party in the time that is convenient to them. Don't have a party near the time you know your baby usually has a nap. This might just be the difference between a happy 1st birthday and a screaming overtired 1st birthday party. I know which one I would choose.

Tip 3: Guests

I know it is an exciting time for you. But try not to invite too many guests. Large crowds of people your baby doesn't even know wont be enjoyable for them. Less guests also mean less hosting time and less stress. You could even arrange a small get together with extended family and friends at a later date somewhere else fuss free, like a cafe to stop from offending anyone.

Tip 4: Allergies

Always double check with your guests for allergies. If your baby's friends are about 1 years old as well, it is vital that you start to get used to asking parents if there are any allergies you should know about. This is normal kids party planning routine these days and you really need to get in the habit of making sure you don't make someone else's child sick.

Tip 5: Enjoy the party

This is a time to celebrate! There are lots, and lots of new 1st birthday traditions constantly popping up on pintrest and instagram. You don't have to do any of them if you don't want to. Don't take the pressure of trying to have the perfect party, as it will just ruin the enjoyment instead. On the day, you will remember the special time you spent with your baby, your baby will hopefully enjoy the special time they spend with you. Don't stress and keep it simple. On behalf of Rashoodz I wish all your little babies about to turn 1 a very happy birthday. Oh, and if you haven't bought your little one a present yet, our children's rashies and swimwear makes a perfect gift! [caption id="attachment_4904" align="aligncenter" width="200"]first birthday planning First birthday planning tips[/caption]