Gender Reveals

lauraf   >  13 March 2017


Hey Rasheadz,

Gender Reveals

Throwing a gender reveal party is an exciting way to share the big news of your baby’s sex with friends and family. So, the big question is: Boy or girl? Here are some party ideas that will keep your guests guessing until you’re ready to reveal all!

Reveal Ideas

  • Open the box and blue or pink balloons fly out
  • Cut the cake to find blue or pink inside
  • Bite into the cupcakes to find blue or pink inside
  • Wack a pinata and have blue or pink items fall out
  • Ask your guests to wear white and powder bomb blue or pink
  • Ask you guests to wear white and use water guns to shoot blue or pink liquid at them
  • Use party poppers with blue or pink inside
  • Use darts to play pop the balloons to find pink or blue inside
  • Decorate the nursery blue or pink and don't show anyone until the reveal

Reveal Video  Love Rashoodz