Giveaway!! - Nursery Print

rsh_admin   >  12 July 2013

JoJo Encourages is all about creating happy, colourful, child-like designs to bring a little more cheer, positivity and encouragement into a, sometimes, negative world. Unlike a lot of wall art these days, all Jojo Encourages' designs are hand drawn, hand coloured or hand painted, and then printed for you to give to give to a friend, or hang on a wall!

Our friends at JoJo Encourages are offering a free A4 custom design to hang in your bub’s room, valued at $80!!

All you have to do is “Like” JoJo Encourages on Facebook and you’ll be in the running for this one-off offer.

The winner will be drawn and announced on the 31st of August at 9pm, so GET LIKING!