Globally Award Winning Baby & Toddler Swim Nappies

lauraf   >  4 March 2017

nappies award winning There is a reason we are the best, it is because our swim nappies are the best in the world.
  • We have won a GOLD award in the UK for best outdoor clothing brand.
  • We won a GOLD award in the USA for our amazing Baby Swim Nappies and
  • We won GOLD in Australia for best reusable nappy.
  • So if you find you have swim nappies that don't work, you need to come and check our Rashoodz Swimwear Swim Nappies, they seriously are great. Don't take our word for it, take the thousands of people who have voted or trialled them and awarded them gold in three countries. Now that is piece of mind. Shop now for the best baby swim nappies here.