Happy Australia Day!

lauraf   >  26 January 2017

aus Free-Australia-Day Map I_9349210000129_52_20141104 Hey Rasheadz and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! We hope you're having a sun safe day doing something totally Aussie. If you're out and about, hanging by the pool or laying on the beach, don't forget to use sunscreen and be sun safe. Another great way to stay safe from sunburn is wearing a UPF50+ rashie. If you need one for your next trip to the pool or beach visit us at www.rashoodz.com.au We think we are the luckiest country in the world. Check out this link 'The top 10 things you love about Australia'. And if you want a bit of a giggle check this out... '49 things all Australias know to be true'. Take note of number 16. Love Rashoodz