How do baby swim nappies work?

Laura Furiosi   >  14 March 2018

Baby Swim Nappies

Swim nappies are important. Babies need them so they can go swimming. Most swimming lesson pools have rules to make sure that children are wearing swim nappies. You also need them to stop embarrasing moments. 

What are the different types?

There are two categories of swim nappies; reusable and disposable. However there are also additional categories to the reusables. Swim nappies can be either a one size fits all with clips to make it smaller or bigger, or it can be fitted like normal clothing sizes to make sure it works correctly. The issue with the one size fits all, is that it never works properly. The clips and leg hole sizes almost always don't work as it is not accurate enough on the baby body shape, leg shape etc. 

How do disposable swim nappies work?

Disposable nappies hold in the poop. If you are lucky. The fibres from the disposable nappies can also clog up filtration systems in pools so alot of swim schools don't like them. 

How do reusable swim nappies work?

Reusable swim nappies do not work like a normal nappy. They cannot be absorbant because your baby would then end up with a giant nappy full of all the pool or beach water. Which then means it cannot actually soak up the wee and poop that it is required to do. Reusable swim nappies work at trapping the wee and poop until there comes a time when the baby is out of the water and has finished swimming. The waste can then be flushed down the toilet or hosed out. This isnt very glamourous but it sure beats getting it in the pool. Rashoodz swim nappies have a special linning of plastic and then a soft cotton lining over that. This means babies wont get irritated with hard crackly swim nappies that can sometimes hurt them. The two layers work at trapping the waste like in a bubble when in the water. 

Do swim nappies work outside the water?

There is not an exact science to this. It really depends on what your baby is doing while in the swim nappy. As a rule of thumb we say don't let them walk around or sit down in a car or pram wearing a swim nappy, unless well toilet trained as it will in that instance only trap poop. However in saying that, most of the time it still works. BUT please keep in mind a swim nappy is for in the water. Normal nappy for outside the water. My children wore their swim nappies at the beach with no issues, but I would never put them in the car or pram with them still on. 

Rashoodz swimwear has a great swimsuit design that has nappy clips in the crotch. This allows for easy nappy changes, so you can put your baby in the swimsuit and normal nappy before you leave the house. Once you arrive at the swimming location and are ready to swim, just simply pop the clips open and change the nappy over to the swim nappy. Easy peasy. 

Are you looking for a swim nappy?

If you are looking to buy a swim nappy you must check Rashoodz Swimwear nappies. They have won gold awards in Australia, America and Bronze in the UK. They really are just that good. Rashoodz aims to make your life easier as a parent. We want to make swimming a fun enjoyable experience and our functionality of our swimsuit and swim nappy will help you with that. 

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