How to make a Christmas Tree Collage with your Toddler

rsh_admin   >  9 December 2014

This is a great easy craft that you can do with your baby or toddler. All they have to do is stick down pieces of paper and stick down stickers. All you have to do is cut up the coloured paper and trim the edges of the Christmas tree. You can do this activity with your baby in your lap and help them with developing their fine motor skills. Then at the end you have a beautiful Christmas decoration that your toddler will be proud of.

You will require,
* a cardboard christmas tree cut out (you can make your own with cardboard)
* glue
* paper - green, red, brown, gold
* scissors
* stickers in the shape of a ball or decorations
* star shape

Step One: Cut the paper into scraps
Step Two: Get your baby to stick down the paper onto the tree once it has been glued.

Step Three: Fill in the whole tree with green and then trim the overlapping edges. (use the brown paper for the trunk and red for the pot the tree is in)

Step Four: Place the stickers on the tree as the tree decoration.

Step Five: Glue the gold star on the top and allow to dry.

This is such a simple easy craft and the kids love it! Its a great keeping busy project if you need to still wrap any Christmas presents.

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas.