How to make an Easter Bonnet out of a Placemat!

rsh_admin   >  31 March 2015

Looking for a way to make a cute easter bonnet for your daughter or son? We have an easy to make little bopeep style bonnet that you can make from a placemat, trimming and a hot glue gun.

You will need:
A circular placemat
Safety Pins
Flower trimmings
One Length of Ribbon
A hot glue gun
A cute toddler to wear it.

Step One
Gather your materials and tools.

Step Two
Place the placemat on your child's head or your own and fold the back of the placement to create the hat shape. Pin the fold with a safety pin. You can then change the size of the hat when required but unfastening the safety pin and refolding for another size.

Step Three
Hot glue the fold if you wish to keep it the same size. Place the bonnet upside down and decide where the lace trimming around the inside of the bonnet will sit and where the additional decorations will be placed.

Step Four
Hot glue a lace or flower trimming on the inside of the bonnet but with it hanging over the edge to create a fringe for the bonnet. Hot glue any other decorations you may have for your bonnet.

Step Five
Turn your bonnet around the other way and glue on the ribbon around the top of the crown to create a tie for the bonnet. Wait for the glue to dry. Place the bonnet on your child's head and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Step Six
Set them off to the Easter bonnet parade. Also take lots of photos because they will look so cute.

Please note : Do not leave them unsupervised or let them sleep in the bonnet as it has long ribbon lengths that could strangle.

Happy Easter from Rashoodz Swimwear. The best swimwear for babies and toddlers.