Introducing our new Baby Swimwear Brand Rep Indiana Mae...

lauraf   >  20 October 2017

Introducing Our New Baby Swimwear Ambassador: Indiana Mae

Our new Baby Swimwear brand ambassador Indiana May (Indi for short)! She is a delightful baby with a beautiful story. We have asked her Mum a few questions about her so we can all get to know her better:
  1. What is your child’s favourite activity? Playing peekaboo
  2. What is Indi's favourite food? Tuna and veggies
  3. Favourite toy? Play dough, footballs and her dolly.
  4. First words? Or what do you think their first words will be? Mum
  5. Where do they like to swim? Pool/beach
  6. How do they stay sun safe? Wearing appropriate clothing such as her full length Rashoodz baby swimwear and hat set. Sunscreen everywhere else. Staying in the shade where possible.
  7. Favourite beach? Farmborough
  8. How can people follow them? Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, blog: ; Facebook/ Blog: The hearing journey of Indiana Mae
  9. How would you best describe their style: Indiana is the only girl, so we have lots of pink and lots of dresses.
Isn't she absolutely adorable in her /assets/imported/product/polly-pink-full-length-rashie-hat/