How to keep your children safe at the beach

lauraf   >  6 May 2017

There are a few basic rules about keeping safe at the beach.

Number 1: Swim between the flags! The red and yellow stripe flags! Number 2: Listen to the instructions of the life guards. Conditions can change and flags might be moved. Always listen to any notices or messages. Number 3: Keep your children at arms reach. Number 4: Dress them in bright sun safe swimwear that is easy to see. If they get into trouble they are easier to spot and save. Number 5: Create a meeting place were the kids can meet you if they get lost. Number 6: Write your mobile number on their arm or on a tag Number 7: Keep reapplying sunscreen and keeping them topping up with water

A trip to the beach

A trip to the beach will always be better if it is planned in advance. Make sure you have water, sunscreen and shelter. Always swim between the flags and keep an eye on your children at all times. You are best to time your trip during the morning or early afternoon. Try to avoid the middle of the day as the sun is too hot and sunburn can sometimes be unavoidable at these times. Always have a shelter with you, so the kids can relax and re hydrate in the shade. Food is always a good idea to take but make sure you take your rubbish with you so you don't ruin the marine environment. Also don't forget to have fun! beach flag meanings

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