Did you know we are a part of the Chemical Free Community?

lauraf   >  1 August 2016

chemical-free-award Hey Rasheadz, Did you know that all of our swimwear are formaldehyde free, palate free, and led free? As a Chemical Free Community Member we are proud to be a part of the ChemFreeCom online global community that believes in and supports chemical free, no/low toxic, organic and natural products. At Rashoodz we are always considering how to keep our kids safe from the sun and nasty chemicals. As a result, our famous rashsuits with attachable hats, as well as all our products have been recognised by ChemFreeCom as a safe and harmful CHEMICAL FREE product. So now you can dress your baby in the coolest swimwear around knowing that you are keeping your child safe in more ways than one. Love Rashoodz