Let's talk about... nappies!

lauraf   >  26 October 2016

nappy-front Hey Rasheadz, Let's get real and honesty about accidents in the pool. Let's talk about... nappies! Disposable nappies are not only expensive with continual use but harmful to our environment. Research has shown is can take thousands of years for one disposable nappy to break down and decompose..YUCK! But there is a solution. Rashoodz reusable swim nappy is just that... reusable. This award winning nappy saves you money and helps to move towards a more sustainable future. So how do they work? Well, pretend you're at home getting yourself and your bub ready for a day at the pool or beach. You pop your usual nappy underneath our rashsuit (made easy with nappy clips). Drive to the beach or the pool, unload and set up. Just before your bub goes swimming change your regular nappy for a our reusable swim nappy and in the water you go. Once your bub is in the water the nappy acts as a bubble, keeping wees and poos inside. That's right WEES and POOS. What can we tell ya guyz... there is a reason it is award winning! After your baby has finished swimming you dry them off and get them changed as usual. If anything has happened inside the reusable swim nappy, simply empty it out into a toilet and flush away. Pop the swim nappy in something sanitary (like the packaging they come in). Take it home and pop it in the washing machine. Once clean, you are all ready to use it again. No more chunky nappies. No more wearing a disposable underneath the swim nappy. With Rashoodz all you need is our stylish nappy on it's own. We have some new plain colours in our 'What's new' OR you can choose a fun, bright pattern for your bub, baby or toddler. Thanks for the talk you guyz.. Glad we could get that off our chest and out of your pools! Happy hump day! Love Rashoodz.