Mad Max Mum talks sun safety with Rashoodz Swimwear

lauraf   >  27 January 2017

14565017_1100761309970932_7757236073637347328_n(1) 14499124_314904282219277_1909486200024989696_n 14718013_1594115574217476_3428788639981633536_n Hey Rasheadz, Check out this weeks interview with Mad Max Mum's Lauren Kate who didn't learn to swim until she was 13. Some great tips and funny/scary stories with her and her bubs. Thanks Lauren - as always you're a star mummy! Check her out at: Facebook: Mad Max Mum Instagram: ___laurenkate  What is your favourite thing to do at the pool/ beach with your kids? I love getting in the water with the kids! They are such water babies which is great because I love being outdoors, especially at the beach! Going to the beach may not be as relaxing as it used to be before I became a mother, however I love how relaxed and happy they are when they're there!   What is one tip about swimming with kids that you have learnt the hard way? Don't take your eye off them for one second because they think they can do everything when really, they can't. I have 2 very courageous and confident kids. Haha. What’s the best thing about swimming with your kids? It's a great skill to have! I didn't learn to swim until I was 13 as I lived in country Victoria for most of my life and never really went swimming too often until we moved to Queensland, which is when I spent my entire Summer holidays teaching myself to swim. The earlier I get the kids in the pool, the better! What’s the worst thing about swimming with your kids? Floating on a banana lounge with no cares in the world is no longer something I can do. Haha. Name two products you couldn’t live without on a pool/beach trip with kids (doesn’t have to be ours)? Sunscreen & rashies! Sun safety is key! Have you got a funny or scary story to tell us about an experience you have had with your children and swimming? Last year we took the kids to Tangalooma for a family week getaway. One afternoon, Drew was asleep so I decided to take the kids down to the beach by myself. At that stage Max was only very young and could hardly sit up by himself. The beach was very windy that day but it was still so beautiful, so we set our towel down and set up for the arvo. It took about 2 minutes until a huge gust of wind came across, blowing Max face down in the sand unable to get up because he was still little, Madi had gotten sand in her eyes and was screaming and my towel was blowing away. Let's just say, I picked up our shit, went back to the pool and Drew was in the doghouse for a few hours because he got a nice peaceful nap while I spent the arvo cleaning sand out of orifices.  Thanks again Lauren! Love Rashoodz