Maison and Caidence hit the beach!

lauraf   >  8 June 2017

Hey Rasheadz, Check out Maison 21 months & Caidence 3.5 years having a day out in the sun. You can tell they are making memories that will last a lifetime, and we are glad that Rashoodz Swimwear could be there to make the memories a little bit safer. Our baby swimwear is so super awesome because our swim hat is attached at the nap of the neck. This means next time you take a trip to the beach you wont have to worry about losing any hats, it also means baby cant pull it off so you can rest easy knowing that your child can be super suns safe. Our chlorine resistant swimsuit will not fade easily and will stay looking bright and fresh. So get online now or into a store and buy our baby and toddler swimwear now. We adore customer pics - send them to Love Rashoodz