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lauraf   >  10 October 2017

Top 5 tips for getting active after baby So, your long awaited little bundle has finally arrived, you’re managing to get an amount of sleep that has you feeling almost human and you’ve been cleared to exercise by your medical practitioner. How do you make that leap into becoming more active after birth? Here are our five top tips for getting active after baby arrives.
  • Be active during pregnancy
The days of pregnant women being confined to bed rest are luckily, for the most part, a thing of the past. Numerous studies show there are many benefits for women who maintain a moderate level of activity during pregnancy, such as faster post partum recovery, easier labours and reduced levels of post natal depression. For women with low risk pregnancies brisk walking, yoga and Pilates can help maintain fitness. Swimming has the added bonus of weightlessness – a feeling many pregnant women enjoy! If this ship has sailed for you and your pregnancy was more of a sedentary experience (it happens to the best of us), never fear, it’s never too late to get started.
  • Start gently
Whilst most of us won’t be rushing out to run that marathon just after giving birth it is important to note that new mums need to approach exercise very slowly and gently, particularly if you weren’t as active during pregnancy. Activities that you might have done easily pre-pregnancy may be more difficult due to a weakened postnatal core and looser joints and ligaments, which stretch during pregnancy. For extra abdominal support during this period, there are products that provide additional support to the postpartum stomach and pelvis like the Mammojo core compressive tights.
  • Empty the tanks
Reduce the chances of blocked ducts by breastfeeding or expressing prior to exercise. In the early postpartum weeks and months, this will probably mean timing your exercise to suit your baby's feeding habits. If, however, bub needs a top up during exercise, rest assured the Mammojo  Lactivewear® range of breastfeeding friendly tops will have you covered. Or uncovered, (discretely of course), as the case may be.
  • Nourish yourself
For all that is said about the health, wellbeing and weight loss benefits of both breastfeeding and exercising, it's important not to use up vastly more energy than you are consuming. Ensure a consistent milk supply by listening to your body and eating when you need to. Hydration is also key as you need additional water for both breastfeeding and exercising.
  • Wear a top that incorporates good bust support
Not all sports bras or tops are created equal, or specifically designed for taking care of lactating breasts, for that matter. You will want support that is firm enough to keep everything snug, flexible enough to support fluctuations in bust size but not so restrictive as to raise the risk of blocked ducts. Equally, as per during pregnancy, anything that incorporates underwire is best avoided. The Mammojo Lactivewear® range of breastfeeding friendly tops are made from supportive, comfortable and highly breathable luxury Italian performance fabrics designed for a range of different activities. Sun and chlorine resistant, these tops also double as swimwear so mummies need not miss out on the beach and pool fun but can maintain easy access for breastfeeding. Why not pair a Mammojo breastfeeding swimming tank with a Rashoodz rashie for added sun protection? Stylish, supportive, breastfeeding friendly and sun safe? All bases covered! For more information or where to buy a Mammojo lactive wear go to Follow them on instagram at